Tatijana Jovanovic

Fast drives the car
He thinks he is now a superstar
He can play the guitar
He thinks he is better than all the other stars
That's narcissistic Oscar

I am strong
I write songs
And they are sometimes long

Denise Stary

Music has a great sound
The sound flies the world around
The sound is round
And I loved it when I found the sound

Ayleen Wurmbauer

On a sunny day
Sunshine never goes away

The night is black
and so is my cat

The sun shines on my head
And I am glad

My eyes are blue
and my mother's, too

Michelle Reigl

Carefully the cat creeps at night
Carefully she hopes she is right
Carefully he jumps in the light
Carefully the ghost comes out at midnight

Marcel Todt

What do people say
On a rainy day?
Rain, rain go away
Come again another day

Silan Ilgec

The winter is cold
My grandpa is old
The weekend is cool
I hate school